Green Thiruvalla

It is an initiative of Radio MACFAST 90.4 in association with Tiruvalla Municipality to achieve the aim Green Tiruvalla. The concept put forward is NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) Syndrome to IMBY (In My Back Yard) habit i.e. waste management is the source itself which is an initiative to practice micro level decentralized waste management.

Hridayaspandanam (Free Heart Surgery Programme)

It is one of the social responsibility activities of radio in association with Pushpagiri Medical College, Tiruvalla and different stake holders of Radio MACFAST 90.4. One surgery costs round Rs. 1,15,000. It envisages offering 50 free heart surgeries for those who are in need. So far 9 persons were successfully treated under ╦ťHridayaspandanam.

War Against Drugs

War Against Drugs is a crusade programme against the usage of Alcohol and Drugs. Radio MACFAST conducted awareness programme, seminars, road shows etc. regarding this. We convey the message that liquor and drugs are fatal and that kills the customer inch by inch.

Nervazhi (Road Safety Programme)

Nervazhi (right path) is a one year pilot project launched by Radio MACFAST, in association with the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department and Kerala Police. Traffic awareness to students and public, seminars, road shows, award for best auto driver etc. were conducted under this programme. The project was inaugurated by film actor Captain Raju.

Radio Gramam

Radio Gramam is a social inclusion and charity initiative of Radio MACFAST through which the radio adopted a village and provided basic amenities for that village. Through this project, Radio MACFAST adopted a municipal ward named Railway station ward with the support of its component. The project focused on education, sanitation, charity, health and training of school students of the concerned ward. In 2015, school kits worth Rs. 1500 each were given to 25 students which includes school bags, books, umbrellas and mathematical instrument boxes etc.


Uyirppu (Resurrection), focused on women empowerment to increase and improve the social, economic, political and legal strength of women. Radio MACFAST broadcasted a programme named Uyirppu in 15 episodes. Also a programme named Sthreesakthi (Women Empowerment) is now being broadcasted under this program twice a week.

Listeners Club

Radio MACFAST 90.4 ensures its extensive presence in Central Travancore with more than 10 lakh listeners. In November 2015 the radio conducted a radio listener's meet at MACFAST college and a 'Listeners Club' was also formed for helping the local people with their daily needs. So far ten clubs were formed in and around 4 districts.


Karuthal is a programme that was created to give an awareness against cancer and the need for organic farming with the help of Radio MACFAST listeners club. Plans were initiated to have a complete awareness program, by airing a daily program in the radio against cancer. As part of this project, the radio is initiating programmes to educate listeners about the need of organic farming by series of workshops.

Arivum Athijeevanavum

MACFAST has always tried to become the trendsetters not only in education but also in other non-academic matters of societal importance.We too had the chance to stand together with the nation through developing 6 mobile applications to Kerala police and District administrations,continuous awareness programs by students and staff through the community radio RadioMACFAST 90.4,making & distribution of masks,sanitisers,distribution of immunity boosting medicinal plants,awareness campaigns using social network platforms,seamless migration of classes, continuous assessment tests, PTA meetings, 100 Webinars by industry leaders, scientists & Nobel laureates,Admission process, Placement trainings and Campus recruitments to Online platforms,provided Televisions and internet connections to needy students for uninterrupted learning,provided Covid-19 quarantine facility,set up computer network and e-learning facility,as volunteers, our students & staff were involved with various relief activities in different parts of Kerala

Cyber Law and Security Awareness

CLASA (Cyber Law and Security Awareness) aims to address the gaps with respect to cyber security awareness all over Kerala. The Project is jointly organized by MACFAST (Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies Tiruvalla), Kerala Police and Radio MACFAST 90.4 .This project is Supported and sponsored by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE). In this 21st century, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) through Internet has revolutionized the world, changing the whole paradigm of communication and exchange of information. Home users, students and school children, are utilizing the Internet to expand their horizons to learn, create identities and be a part of the society. However, there is a need to know how to use all the features provided by ICT in a safe manner without getting compromised with regard to privacy of personnel information, maintaining secrecy of information and creating trust in the cyber world. Along with the evolution of Internet and Information Technology, there has been a significant increase in the cyber attacks and cybercrimes. The number of cyber crimes registered in India rose 24 times over the years(2005-2015). Among the persons arrested every year, majority are under the age of 30 years. This project aims to address the gaps with respect to cyber security awareness all over Kerala by conducting outreach programmes at different schools and colleges all over Kerala.

On Air Nattukarkku Koottayi